Nintendo Wii Fit and Diets – A Good Match?

The Nintendo Wii Fit is all the rage at the moment. It seems that it’ll soon be a case of odd man out if you haven’t got one. Diets, on the other hand have been out for more years than yours and mine put together. Both silly and sensible diets. So do diets and the Wii Fit go together or are they irrelevant to each other?

I think that if you know anything at all about the Wii Fit you will say that it definitely could go hand in hand with the dieting, and let us assume here that it is a healthy fruit and vegetable based diet not some cabbage soup only type of diet.

If you’re a non gamer and you don’t know anything about the Wii Fit then let me just say that it is part of the Nintendo Wii, and you actually carry out exercises whilst the Wii Fit itself both monitors and tells you your progress. You might even be interested to know that it’s a huge success and is proving to be a benefit to both young and old alike.

Now common sense prevailing here, if the Wii Fit is beneficial to the human body if used correctly, then does it not follow that a well balanced healthy diet full of vitamins and nutrients is the obvious Wii Fit friend if you understand? Absolutely yes.

So, do the Wii Fit and diets go hand in hand together then? Well, yes but let’s just put a simple clarification in here also. Don’t let that diet be a silly cabbage soup only, or chocolate only type of diet. Let it be good whole foods which contain lots of those vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

If that’s your diet then yes, the Wii Fit and a good whole foods diet complement each other perfectly.

John Milligan.


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